Clinical Staff

  • Delanie Atteberry, LMLP
  • Scott Barkemeyer, LMSW
  • Cara Bass, LCP
  • Veronica Bauer, LCP
  • Drew Belanger, LSCSW
  • Ashley Bennett, BCBA
  • Tina Brackman, LPC
  • Anthony Bryan, LSCSW
  • Patricia Bryan, LSCSW
  • Abby Callis, PsyD
  • Vicki Claassen, APRN
  • Amanda Coonrod, LSCSW
  • Ivonne Cozad, LCP
  • Dena Dean, LSCSW, LAC
  • Madisen DeLuna, LMSW
  • Kolbie Elliott, LMLP
  • Fatma Epps, LMSW
  • Robyn Finckbone, PsyD
  • Mechele Ford, APRN
  • Travis Freed, LMLP
  • Rhonda Halverson, LSCSW
  • Jacqueline Hamilton, LMSW
  • Jessica Hammer, LMLP
  • Haley Hanson, LMLP
  • Sydney Heinen, LAC
  • Danielle Irwin, LMSW
  • Haley Jacobs, LMSW
  • Brianna Johnson, LPC
  • Amy Karr, LMSW
  • Kelly Krueger-Seaman, APRN
  • Lauryann Lake, LMSW
  • Ruben Lara, LMSW
  • Elizabeth Lemp, LMSW
  • Laura Lockwood, DO
  • Rene Lombard, LPN
  • Nicke Masoner, LCPC
  • Meaghan McEachern, TLMLP
  • Yubani Mendoza-Campos, RBT
  • Charles Millhuff, DO
  • Brittany Nesbitt, TLMLP
  • Amy Pike, TLMLP
  • Danielle Pitchford, RN
  • Kirby Pope, MD
  • Amy Punches, BCBA
  • Connie Romig, PhD
  • Adrianna Rooney, RBT
  • Meghan Russell, LSCSW
  • Crystal Scott, LSCSW
  • Katlyn Secrest, TLMLP
  • Karen Smothers, LSCSW, LCAC
  • Megan Songer, LMLP
  • Alissa Steinlage, LSCSW
  • Dana Thomas, LMLP
  • Jessica Vega-Barron, LMLP
  • Jessica Ward, TLMLP
  • Jennie Watson, LSCSW
  • Danielle Wright, RBT
  • Kayleen Ybarra, LCPC, LCAC
  • Shanna Ziegler, APRN

FSGC Recognizes 2021 "Making a Difference" Award Winners

Making a Difference Award Winners 2021 Facebook revised

The COVID-19 pandemic has required health care professionals to be innovative in how they support those who depend on them. That’s what makes Family Service & Guidance Center’s 2021 “Making a Difference” Awards unique.

“All 260 of our amazing staff were asked to do more and do their jobs in new and creative ways in 2020,” said Brenda Mills, Family Service & Guidance Center CEO. “Selecting just one person from each area of our organization was very difficult, but a few individuals provided a remarkable level of service throughout the year. These awards recognize those outstanding staff members.”

The recipients of FSGC’s 2021 “Making a Difference” Awards are:

  • Clinical Staff: Roni Bauer, LCP
  • Attendant Care Provider: Sarahy Colorado-Castillo
  • Supervisory Staff: Robyn Finckbone, Psy.D.
  • Mental Health Specialist: Katie Hazelwood
  • Support Staff: Dannette Jackson
  • Case Manager/Care Coordinator: Arianna Zamora Quintana

Awards are given annually in six staff categories. Employees were nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of FSGC staff members representing a diverse cross-section of the agency.

Recipients of the award are selected for effectiveness in their work with children, families and co-workers; zeal in promoting the advancement of mental health; and professional interest and involvement.

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Did you know?

Family Service & Guidance Center was founded in 1904 to help local flood victims. Today, FSGC is one of the Midwest’s leaders in children’s mental health care.