Generous FSGC donors raise $16K at Topeka Gives

TCFTopekaGiveslogofinalFamily Service & Guidance Center donors raised over $16,000 at the 4th annual Topeka Gives Event, hosted by the Topeka Community Foundation, on June 7.

FSGC donors made gifts in the amount of $14,450. Combined with a $1,638.75 match from the Topeka Community Foundation, FSGC received a check for $16,088.75.

“I’m overwhelmed at the generosity of Family Service & Guidance Center supporters and friends,” said Pam Evans, Director of Marketing & Development. “It’s humbling that so many wonderful people took time out of their day to come to the event and make a gift in person.”

Nearly 160 Topeka-area nonprofit organizations participated in the event at Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center. Donors made gifts to the charities of their choice. Then, the Topeka Community Foundation matched part of their gifts from a $73,500 pool of match money, thanks to several generous benefactors. The more money a local agency raised that day, the more of the match pool they received.

Evans said FSGC raised the fourth-highest total of all the participating nonprofits in 2016 and raised a new high for FSGC at Topeka Gives.

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Did you know?

The FSGC Foundation was formed in 2009 to ensure the agency’s long term viability, regardless of funding cuts or other economic uncertainties. Each year, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars in needed funds to improve and enhance various FSGC services and programs.