Year-end push makes FSGC Therapeutic Play Park a reality

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Gifts collected in the final days of 2015 have brought Family Service & Guidance Center Therapeutic Play Park Campaign to a close, having reached the $354,006 goal.

“We’ll break ground and start construction this spring!” said a smiling Brenda Mills, FSGC CEO.

Mills explained that outdoor play teaches children positive social skills like making friends, managing conflict, taking turns, cooperating with peers and following rules. These are critical skills children learn and use their entire lives.

“Many of the children FSGC serves, however, can’t play outside,” Mills said. “They live in unsafe neighborhoods or in areas where there are no playgrounds or other places to play. So, they stay inside all day.”

She continued, “The Play Park will not only provide kids a safe place to play, but it will provide vulnerable kids with a place to learn skills that they’ll need to be successful in our community their whole lives.”

Construction on the FSGC Therapeutic Play Park should be complete by October 2016, weather permitting.

How do I start?

How do I start? (Image of smiling children)

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Did you know?

FSGC’s Early Childhood Intervention Program therapeutic preschool has been touted by the State of Kansas as a model for other therapeutic preschools to emulate.