You can make the FSGC Therapeutic Play Park a reality.

Cropped playground rendering

Time is short. Make your gift today.

You can help thousands of northeast Kansas children suffering from mental health issues by making a gift to the FSGC Therapeutic Play Park fundraising campaign, which will end this year.

Once complete, construction will begin on a fun, colorful 30,000-square foot playground designed especially for children ages 5-12.

Play is crucial to children's healthy development. Play is how children learn critical social and emotional skills like taking turns, cooperation, imagination and creativity, conflict resolution and how to cultivate relationships and make friends. These are abilities we use all our lives.

Many FSGC children live in unsafe neighborhoods or don't have access to parks or playgrounds. This severely limits their opportunities for play and for developing all the skills that naturally come from play. Play is especially critical for FSGC children because their mental health issues make it particularly difficult for them to acquire these important social and emotional skills.

Our goal is to raise the $354,000 investment needed for this project by the end of 2015. Your gift will help take the FSGC Therapeutic Play Park from the drawing board to our scenic campus.

Please make a gift to the Therapeutic Play Park by selecting your amount in the donation box. You can also make a gift and learn more about this exciting project by contacting Pam Evans, Director of Marketing & Development, at 785.232.7902 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..