Strategies for Raising Your Child with Autism


This FREE 12-session class is designed to educate and inform parents and help them create an individualized plan to meet their child's unique needs. We're glad you're here!

Below are the YouTube videos that correspond to the various course sessions. Feel free to watch them anytime and watch them as many times you want or need to.

Session 1                                    

Session 2                                    

Session 3                                    

Session 4                                    

Session 5                                    

Session 6                                    

Session 7                                    

Session 8, video 1                      

Session 8, video 2                      

Session 9                                    

Feeding Difficulties (small group)

Time Out (small group)             

Token Economy (small group)  

Sleep Problems (small group)  

Toileting (small group)              

Crisis Management (small group)


More videos will be posted soon!