Thanks to Dillons, making a gift to FSGC has never been easier.

If you signed up for Dillons Community Rewards last year to benefit FSGC, thank you! You help[ed us raise over $1,500 just by shopping at Diillons.

Dillons Plus Card

A new year has begun, however, and Dillons requires supporters to re-enroll. SUpporters should be sure to enter FSGC's nonprofit organization number -- 65305 -- to designate the agency as your charity of choice.

Dillons has committed $2 million to the Community Rewards program for 2016, so be sure to visit www.dillons.communityrewards to re-enroll.

It’s couldn’t be simpler: For every qualified purchase a Family Service & Guidance Center supporter makes using their Dillons Plus Card, FSGC receives credit. Each quarter, Dillons sends FSGC a check. The more shoppers spend, the bigger FSGC’s check.

And if you didn’t sign up in 2015? There’s no better time than the present! Here’s how:

Get a Dillons Plus Card
You’ll need a Dillons Plus Card to participate in Community Rewards. Plus Cards are available from any Dillons cashier or customer service desk representative. You will also need an e-mail address and an account at You can choose to make your account anonymous.

Creating a account
Visit and click "Register" at the top of the page. Enter your email address, password and zip code. You’ll also select your preferred Dillons store.

Finally, the supporter will click "Create Account" at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirmation to your inbox and should be sure to activate your account by clicking on the link in the e-mail and entering the sign-in information.

Enrolling in Community Rewards
Go to Once you’ve logged into your account or created a new account, click “Enroll Now” and enter the number 65305. When you see “Family Service & Guidance Center,” click “Enroll.”

How do I start?

How do I start? (Image of smiling children)

Family Service & Guidance Center
It’s easier to get started than you think! Click now to learn how!

Did you know?

FSGC’s Early Childhood Intervention Program therapeutic preschool has been touted by the State of Kansas as a model for other therapeutic preschools to emulate.